How to Raise a Friendly and Sociable Pup

Jason mcdowell puppy

Pups are one of the best things to have at home. They keep company, make you laugh, stay healthy and most of all prevents loneliness. Everyone loves puppy but is your pup people friendly?

This is an important question to ask you. Some dogs may be naturally friendly but not all of them are. It all depends on the kind of rising they had and interaction they had with other dogs and pups. If your pup is not friendly enough then people will see it as nuisance and might avoid coming to your home. It is therefore important to raise a friendly and sociable pup at home.

Here are some ways you can raise a well behaved and friendly pup at home:

  1. Teach them to be friendly

The best thing you can do is train your pup to be friendly right at home. It starts at home. Make sure you teach them to get along with the other pup or pets you may have at home. You also need to teach them to be friendly to all the family members. This is important. If they don’t get along with the other family members how will they get along with other people? Jason McDowell in Edinburg is one of the best dog breeders with very friendly pups.

  1. Take them out as often as you can

Taking your pup out for walk is another great way to make them meet new people. This will become a good practice for them as they learn to recognize people and get used to seeing them. Pups who stay on their own and do not mingle with others may turn out be non-sociable. It is important that you make them outgoing so that they can become friendlier.

  1. Make them be good to visitors

Pups may not get friendly with the visitors. You need to teach them how to behave in other people presence. This will teach them to behave well anytime they see someone not from the family. This is one of the best ways to make the pups like the visitors. Jason McDowell in Edinburg specializes in dog breeding and has some of the best and friendliest pups.

Making the pups friendly is easy. All you need to do is groom them from the start so that they can learn to be comfortable around others.